Isola d'Elba



-5%     -10%     -20%

Here below you can find the WELCOMETOELBA Partners List.
The discount card must be shown before purchase (after you can not get special prices)
Please ask for a comfirmation of this agreement to our Partners before to buy items and services.
Minimum amount paid: 3.00 EUR


LA TAVERNA DEI POETI: restaurant -10%
CONVIO: beach services, cafè, restaurant -10%
CAVOLI 2000: beach services -10%
BAIHA: beach services -10%
BAGNI ORANO: beach services, cafè, restaurant and parking. It’s located in the center of the beach. -10%
DA LEDO RESTAURANT: bar and pizzeria not included. It’s located on the left of the beach. -10%
MINIHOTEL PARKING: private beach parking for free (it’s necessary a special key available at the reception of Htl Montemerlo and Mini Hotel). The parking is located on the left of the beach. FREE

PINO SOLITARIO: beach services, Cafè (ice creams not included), Self-service and Tennis court -10%
DA PUBLIS: ristorante -5%
Marciana Marina:
BAGNI LA FENICIA: only beach service (stone beach) -10%
RANDEZ VOUS: restaurant (behind the church) -10%
L’AFRICHELLA: ristorante (harbour) -10%
Marina di Campo
IL CAPRICCIO: beach services (not available for the cafè and the restaurant). It’s located in the center of the beach. -10%
PAGLICCE BEACH: beach services, cafè and the restaurant. It’s located on the left of the beach -10%
KONTIKI: restaurant and pizzeria (harbour) -10%
BOLOGNA: restaurant and pizzeria (behind Piazza del Monumento, harbour) -10%
SUGAR: clothes shop (sales and special offers not included) -10%
STEP: shoes shop (sales and special offers not included) -10%
ESTETICA GRAZIA: beauty center (manicure and pedicure not included) -10%
VELONEXT SHOP: bike shop & sportswear -10%
SOPHIE: restaurant (pizzeria not included). It’s located behind the church of Pomonte -10%
Porto Azzurro
LA BOTTE GAIA: ristorante -10%
San Piero:
CACIO E VINO: restaurant, pizzeria not included (behind the main church)
OSTERIA DEL NONNO: restaurant (pizzeria not included). It’s located on the main street -10%
LA BARACCHINA: beach services and bar -10%


BLU NAVY-TOREMAR-MOBY LINES: ferry boat tickets (only by our on-line booking systems) -10% -20% -50%
diving center in Marina di Campo -10%
ELBA RENT: cars, motorbikes and bicycles (on line rental on -10%
VELONEXT: cars, motorbikes and bicycles -10%
VELONEXT SHOP MARINA DI CAMPO: bike shop and services -10%
TWN: cars, motorbikes and bicycles -10%
ELBASERVICE: transfer services -15%
PELAGOS: tourist & outdoor tour leaders -15%
IL VIOTTOLO: tourist & outdoor tour leaders -15%
AQUAVISION: Arcipelago Toscano islands tours (Pianosa not included) – site: You need to show a special coupon at the departure. It’s available at the reception of your hotel). -10%
MOTONAVE MICKEY MOUSE: boat tours (departure from Marina di Campo) -10%
MOTONAVE MAGIC PRINCESS: boat tours (departure from Marina di Campo) -10%