Isola d'Elba



-5%     -10%     -20%

Below is a list of our commercial partners and the offers currently available to our Guests.
The discount card WELCOMETOELBA must be shown before any purchases are made and in advance of calculating any transaction or bill (after which time it will not be possible to benefit from the discount). Minimum expenditure is 3.00 euro.


LA TAVERNA DEI POETI: restaurant -10%
CONVIO: beach services, cafè, restaurant -10%
CAVOLI 2000: beach services -10%
BAIHA: beach services -10%
BAGNI ORANO: beach services, cafè, restaurant and parking. It’s located in the center of the beach. -10%
DA LEDO RESTAURANT: bar and pizzeria not included. It’s located on the left of the beach. -10%
MINIHOTEL PARKING: private beach parking for free (it’s necessary a special key available at the reception of Htl Montemerlo and Mini Hotel). The parking is located on the left of the beach. FREE

PINO SOLITARIO: beach services, Cafè (ice creams not included), Self-service and Tennis court -10%
DA PUBLIS: ristorante -5%
Marciana Marina:
BAGNI LA FENICIA: only beach service (stone beach) -10%
RANDEZ VOUS: restaurant (behind the church) -10%
L’AFRICHELLA: ristorante (harbour) -10%
Marina di Campo
IL CAPRICCIO: beach services (not available for the cafè and the restaurant). It’s located in the center of the beach. -10%
PAGLICCE BEACH: beach services, cafè and the restaurant. It’s located on the left of the beach -10%
KONTIKI: restaurant and pizzeria (harbour) -10%
BOLOGNA: restaurant and pizzeria (behind Piazza del Monumento, harbour) -10%
SUGAR: clothes shop (sales and special offers not included) -10%
STEP: shoes shop (sales and special offers not included) -10%
ESTETICA GRAZIA: beauty center (manicure and pedicure not included) -10%
VELONEXT SHOP: bike shop & sportswear -10%
SOPHIE: restaurant (pizzeria not included). It’s located behind the church of Pomonte -10%
Porto Azzurro
LA BOTTE GAIA: ristorante -10%
San Piero:
CACIO E VINO: restaurant, pizzeria not included (behind the main church)
OSTERIA DEL NONNO: restaurant (pizzeria not included). It’s located on the main street -10%
LA BARACCHINA: beach services and bar -10%


BLU NAVY-TOREMAR-MOBY LINES: ferry boat tickets (only by our on-line booking systems) -10% -20% -50%
diving center in Marina di Campo -10%
ELBA RENT: cars, motorbikes and bicycles (on line rental on -10%
VELONEXT: cars, motorbikes and bicycles -10%
VELONEXT SHOP MARINA DI CAMPO: bike shop and services -10%
TWN: cars, motorbikes and bicycles -10%
ELBASERVICE: transfer services -15%
PELAGOS: tourist & outdoor tour leaders -15%
IL VIOTTOLO: tourist & outdoor tour leaders -15%
AQUAVISION: Arcipelago Toscano islands tours (Pianosa not included) – site: You need to show a special coupon at the departure. It’s available at the reception of your hotel). -10%
MOTONAVE MICKEY MOUSE: boat tours (departure from Marina di Campo) -10%
MOTONAVE MAGIC PRINCESS: boat tours (departure from Marina di Campo) -10%